Deacons serve the body of Christ.

Your deacon is your “front line” pastor in times of need.

First Baptist Church has a good and godly group of deacons. They are led by Markus Bahnemann, 2017 Deacon Team Chairman. Each member of FBC has an assigned deacon to be there for them in their time of need. They are our spiritual leaders in the church by their presence and through serving, praying, and giving; co-laboring with the pastor in praying and ministering to the flock; and offering spiritual counsel to the pastor. Benevolent requests are normally made through the assigned deacon. FBC deacons are not a governing body of the church, but the chairman sits on the Admin Team. Basically, the deacons are the ministering arm of the church and the Admin Team is the administrating arm. Annually, new deacons are nominated to serve and active deacons decide if they will continue to serve another year.

Click your deacon’s name to send him an e-mail.
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